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vineri, 29 mai 2009

Interesant: VICTORINOX s.beat MP3 Digital Audio

Dimensiune: 74 x 22 x 24 mm
- Cutit: argintiu (silver)
- Player: negru (black)
- Telecomanda pe fir: rosu (red)
Pret estimat: 233,75 usd

Accesorii: casti, telecomanda pe fir, arm strap

Dupa ce au combinat briceagul Army Knife cu un stick de memorie de 2 GB, Victorinox lanseaza Swissbit - player audio digital cu o capacitate de 1 GB sau 2 GB. Playerul suporta fisiere: mp3, wma, wav si ogg. Poate fi folosit si pentru inregistrari vocale, radio stick de memorie. Playerul vine in mai multe variante: 1 GB sau 2 GB

First, the Swiss combined their Army Knife, which has been a bestseller around the globe for decades, with a USB memory device, to deliver yet another worldwide hit. Now, they are presenting their next coup: Swissbit is now launching the smallest digital audio player (DAP) with a capacity of up to 2GB for MP3, WMA, WAV and Ogg Vorbis files. The device was combined with radio, voice recorder and USB memory and the entire package was incorporated into the original Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox.

The SWISSMEMORY s.beat MP3 Digital Audio Player or s.beat MP3, tantalizes all of the senses, but most of all the eyes and the ears. It is unique, inimitable - easy to recognize and highly impressive thanks to its style and the great sound it delivers. Indeed the quality of the audio competes with the very best; and accompanies users while jogging, going to work or lounging on the couch at home. Is it easy to operate? Absolutely. Thanks to the integrated joystick or bright red remote control boasting the world-famous Victorinox logo included in the package. The latter does not just make the s.beat one of the few devices featuring an external control element, it is also a true jewel in design and function. Moreover, the MP3 player’s high-end display shows the status and provides information on the song that is currently playing; and the contrast on the screen is perfect in bright and dark environments.

Also incorporated in the practical multi-tool are essential accessories such as scissors, nail-file, knife blade, last, but not least, the multi-functional high performance digital device. A lot of emphasis was also placed on the exterior design. The knife handles are shiny silver - aesthetic and elegant.

Optionally, s.beat is also available in a flight version without tools. Fans who want both - smooth passages through airport security checkpoints as well as entertainment - will not have to do without their MP3 player while on board. The player can be removed from the knife body in a single step. A protective cover for the USB connection is enclosed in the original package. The player goes with the traveler, knife body and tools are stowed away in the passenger’s checked baggage.

Precision in perfection
It took an enormous amount of precision and an entire series of components had to be miniaturized to adapt the s.beat to the very compact body of the knife (74 x 18.5 x 17 mm = flight version; 74 x 22 x 24 mm = fully equipped device). Still, the Swiss weren’t about to compromise! Users can choose from capacities of 1 or 2GB, along with a fascinating range of functionalities: the s.beat is an audio player, radio, USB memory stick and voice recorder - all in one.
Silver knife handles, black player, red remote control unit - the colors have been meticulously aligned by our designers, who are masters at harmonizing appearances and functionalities. Contrary to other devices that come with cheap accessories, this player comes with headphones that deliver superior fidelity sound. Moreover, a second headphone can be connected to the remote control unit, so enjoy your favorite tunes together!

Quality inside and out
The integrated lithium polymer rechargeable battery keeps the audio player charged for at least eight hours. Like all other components, it is made by a top quality supplier. To recharge the battery, the device is connected to the USB port of any computer. Any time new MP3 songs are added to the device, it is also automatically recharged. No driver installation is required under Windows 2000 and XP. As an additional feature, music may be recorded directly from the FM radio, or via the headphone jack, from external sources, such as a CD player for later playback. The s.beat featuring capacities of 1 or 2GB will be available in retail stores.

4.6540.16P1 S.BEAT MP3 Tools 1GB
4.6570.16P1 S.BEAT MP3 Flight 1GB
4.6540.16P2 S.BEAT MP3 Tools 2GB
4.6570.16P2 S.BEAT MP3 Flight 2GB

A.6546.21 S.BEAT Earplugs
A.6546.22 S.BEAT Remote Control
A.6546.23 S.BEAT Arm Strap


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icebox spunea...

Da sens expresiei de "cutting edge" :)

Interesanta combinatie. Mi se pare destul de utila, desi puteau folosi ceva mai multa memorie - 4 sau 8 Gb mi se par adecvati in ziua de azi.