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marți, 5 ianuarie 2010

Fierastrau - Laplander Folding Saw

Achizitionat/purchase: decembrie 2009
Cost: undeva pe la 120,00 de lei + curier
Lungime Lama / Blade lenght: 176 mm
Lungime Cutit(Deschis)/ Overal lenght: 406 mm
Grosime lama/Blade Thikness: 3 mm
Greutate/Weight: 181 grame
Stil Lama/ Blade style: -
Stil/Style: -
Tip Lama/ Blade type: -
Material: Otel suedez Sandvick - cu finisare culoare neagra
Culoare/Colour: Verde/Green
Origine/Origin: Suedia
Utilizare/Purpose: camping, outdoor
Maner/ Handel: cauciuc plastificat
Teaca/Sheet: fara
Altele/Others: snur de piele/ leather strip

Ultimul lucru achizitionat anul trecut...

Parerea mea:
Am cautat un alt model de fierastrau care se inchide, am avut un Meyerco inainte si nu eram foarte multumit de el(acesta fiind la jumate de pret fata de laplander dar se si vede diferenta), asa ca am dat un search dupa altu si l-am gasit, sunt impresionat: usor, dintii de la Bacho, XT, care taie in ambele directii, atat cand 'tragi' dar si cand 'impingi', initial am crezut ca finisarea lamei 'neagra' este doar de finisaj, dar se pare ca ea ajuta in sensul ca frecarea este mai mica la taiere marindu-i performantele. Buton de blocare atat pe inchis cat si pentru deschis, ceea ce ajuta.

Un alt avantaj: In cazul in care se rupe lama, aceasta se poate schimba.
Poate taia atat lemn, oase cat si alte materiale.

Ideal pentru orice 'camper', il recomand cu caldura.

Acest fierastrau a fost facut 'cunoscut' de Ray Mears in documentarele lui.
Oricum am pus aici un filmulet in care prezinta un truc destul de interesant.

Opinions - Multiple sources:

* An ideal gift for any keen Bushcrafter, woodsman, conservationist or gardener, the Bahco Laplander folding pruning saw is a favourite tool of many professional bushcraft instructors from around the world.
Only 230mm (9") long when folded and weighing just 175 grams (6oz), the saw is small enough and light enough to be included in your pack if you are going camping or fishing and performs as well 'in the wild' as it does in the garden, easily cutting through the toughest of woods, bone and many other materials. The high-quality Sandvik steel blade locks in place when opens and folds away safely when you're not using it.

* High-quality folding pruning saw suitable for bushcraft, gardening and other outdoor pursuits
* Lightweight and comfortable - only 175 grams (6oz) in weight
* High-quality Sandvik steel blade
* Non-stick clade coating helps blade glide thorough even the most difficult materials
* Bahco XT toothing cuts in both directions
* Blade locks safely in both the open and closed positions
* Ideal for bushcraft, conservation work, camping and fishing

* The Laplander blade and teeth are made of separate piece of steel welded together, giving sharp teeth and a tough shank and good clearance behind the teeth.

Made by Bahco in Sweden it is specifically designed for the outdoors person. Only 9 inches long in the folded position and weighing just 184g, the saw is small enough and light enough to fit into any pack.

Once used you can see why this is held up at the best on the market, as it has phenomenal cutting power and saws through the toughest of woods. The plastic handle provides a sure and comfortable grip especially when you may have wet hands.

Bohco Laplander and Ozark Trails Sierra Saw:


2 comentarii:

Alex (Calatorul) spunea...

Sa-l stapanesti sanatos. E foarte fain. Am si eu unul.

unseendamage spunea...

Merci. Am fost in weekend la cabana si l-am pus la treaba.... Excelent.
Dai un ban dar merita.