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luni, 27 iulie 2009


In 1884, the cutler Karl Elsener opened his own workshop in Ibach, a small village in the heart of Switzerland. During the following decades, this new venture evolved into a globally oriented enterprise. Just seven years after founding his company, Elsener supplied the Swiss Army with a Soldier’s Knife for the first time – and started a remarkable Swiss success story. 125 years later, Victorinox is still in the hands of the Elseners.
This family business is now run by the third and fourth generation.
Besides the familiar and popular Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox today produces household and professional knives, precision timepieces, design-driven yet functional fashion, high-quality travel gear, and fragrances, which all convey a sense of ‘Swissness’. All of the products from the House of Victorinox have one thing in common: They are an expression of a Victorinox philosophy based on
solid values. Impeccable quality combined with great reliability, consistent functionality with innovation, refinement with absolute perfection and iconic design.
Under the motto “125 Years – Your Companion for Life”, Victorinox is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Victorinox accompanies people through their lives. The Swiss Army Knife, which wrote history as an ingenious invention, accompanies people every day and is with you wherever adventure calls: on the Arctic ice of the North Pole; on Mount Everest, the highest peak on the globe; in the tropical rain forests along the Amazon; on a trip through time and space in the Space Shuttle.
However, being a “companion for life” also has another dimension for Victorinox that goes beyond the world of products. The company stands by its employees, who honor the security offered to them with loyalty and a sincere willingness to pitch in. Many Victorinox workers have been with the company for 20, 30, or more years; some spend their entire working career with the brand. Respect, truthfulness, openness, and solidarity are the underlying pillars of the corporate culture. And finally,
“companion for life” also means taking care of the environment.
Victorinox will be celebrating its 125th birthday with various internal and external activities. These include a roadshow at a number of different locations in Switzerland, Germany and other countries, as well as an Anniversary Collection made up of products from all six product groups.


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